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Quality System

Millison cannot get the reliance of customers and corporate with Future 500 without the quality concept, consciousness and management. For years, Millison advocate and insist on the quality policy of “technology innovation, keeping improving, attention to process, continuous enhancement”. Moreover, we pass the audits of ISO19001、TS16949、ISO14001、GB/T28001 and other audit systems and our product quality, environment and occupational health are up the international standards.

Firstly, Millison firmly believe that science and technology are the primary productive forces. We insist on technology innovation to upgrade products and keep quality assurance with new process, technology, material and method. In the process of design, quality system will work ahead of time to reduce or eliminate the defects which may be caused by design. Next, Millison carries out the zero-defects strategy to provide customers quality products with the idea of quality products, specialized company, innovative technology and strong management.

Then, Millison work according to standards, program and work instruction for promoting the ability of process control. In the last, Millison constantly improves the product quality and service level.

At the same time, Millison equips advanced QA Test equipment, such as Direct Reading Spectrometer, Coordinate Measuring Machine, X-ray detection machine, tensile testing machine, hardness tester, Metallurgical Microscope, and surface roughness tester.

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